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About Us

About Us

The production company of concrete elements "Etem Trade" shpk, was established in 1974 in the village of Zhur, has gone through various stages of production, at first worked in very difficult conditions - in the form of manual work, then with a job relatively mechanized, to the advanced and advanced processes it possesses today. Today, Etem Trade shpk, has the 1st ward in the neighborhood Bajram Curri of Prizren Rr.Prizren-Zhur, as well as the 2nd ward for the highway.

The company "Etem Trade" shpk, has a wide range of products, such as:
-High quality ready-mixed concrete;
-Concrete blocks of different dimensions;
-Tiles for yards, sidewalks, roads of various shapes, etc.;
-Concrete sides of various shapes;
-Decorative blocks;
Processing of crushed gravel-stone, all fractions;

Also the company "Etem Trade" shpk, possesses a technology and a professional team specialized in assembling these products.



Etem Trade


Since the founding of Etem Trade, its mission has been to remain loyal to the services it provides.


The continuous increase of market demands, has made our firm not stop working at any moment, and work towards the advancement of the latest technologies in this field, to raise the European standard of our products, to do competitive, and thus appreciate our clientele who has trusted us.